The Extended iSelf: The Impact of iPhone Separation on Cognition, Emotion, and Physiology – RB. Clayton, G. Leshner and, A. Almond, Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication. doi: 10.1111/jcc4.12109

This study uniquely examined the effects on self, cognition, anxiety, and physiology when iPhone users are unable to answer their iPhone while performing cognitive tasks. Participants (N = 40 iPhone users) completed 2 word search puzzles. Among the key findings from this study were that when iPhone users were unable to answer their ringing iPhone during a word search puzzle, heart rate and blood pressure increased, self-reported feelings of anxiety and unpleasantness increased, and self-reported extended self and cognition decreased. These findings suggest that negative psychological and physiological outcomes are associated with iPhone separation and the inability to answer one’s ringing iPhone during cognitive tasks. Implications of these findings are discussed.

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