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*Note: The scientific Literacy Tool is only available for Chrome browsers

Some of the scientific Literacy Tool features:


What is the scientific Literacy Tool?

The scientific Literacy Tool is an educational web-platform that works as an extension of your browser. You can easily download the scientific Literacy Tool and just as easily remove it. Please find below how to download, how to uninstall, and how to use the scientific Literacy Tool and its different features.

To download the scientific Literacy Tool 

Please note that, for now, the scientific Literacy Tool is only available for the Chrome browser.

1) Click on the green “Get the scientific Literacy Tool” button at the top of the page, which will redirect you to the Chrome web store: you will see the following screen:


2) Click on the blue “+ Free” button – which will then ask for your authorization to add the scientific Literacy Tool.

3) Click “Add”

4) Done – you will see the green scientific Literacy Tool logo on the upper right corner of your browser – click on it whenever you want to activate it.

To uninstall the scientific Literacy Tool

To uninstall the scientific Literacy Tool

1) Go to your browser menu (three horizontal bars on the upper right corner of your browser)

2) Click on “Tools”

3) Click on “Extensions” – this will bring you to your extension page

Literacy Tool Screenshot - uninstall

4) Click on the bin to uninstall the scientific Literacy Tool

Literacy Tool Screenshot - uninstall2

We are doing the best we can to improve the scientific Literacy Tool. We will therefore greatly appreciate if you could spare a minute and write us why you chose to uninstall the scientific Literacy Tool. Please email us to hello@theliteracytool.com

To activate/inactivate the Literacy Tool

1) To activate the scientific Literacy Tool – click on the scientific Literacy Tool green icon on the top right side of your browser – a green tab will appear at the left side of your browser. This green tab indicates the scientific Literacy Tool is active.

2) Once you’re done exploring – simply click again on the icon – the scientific Literacy Tool is inactivated.


Literacy Tool Screenshot6

To explore a term

Once your scientific Literacy Tool is active, you can simply double click on a term and the tool will give you a list of options to explore. Alternatively, you can open the scientific Literacy Tool by clicking on the green tab and type your search in the search box.

Literacy Tool Screenshot2

Start Exploring your term

Have fun clicking on any of the suggested resources

Literacy Tool Screenshot3


Your Boards

The terms and resources you are searching for from within the scientific Literacy Tool are brought together in your editable “Boards” – so that you can always go back and find all the resources you explored regarding a specific article and term.


Literacy Tool Screenshot-Boards1



To send us feedback, questions, or requests

To send us feedback, questions, or requests you can

1) Use our contact page at the literacytool.com webpage.

2) Email us to hello@literacytool.com

3) Use the green feedback button at the bottom of the Scientific Literacy Tool