The Society To Science initiative

The “Society To Science” initiative aims to promote scientific literacy by organising monthly events gathering curious people to discuss scientific topics of interest.

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How does it work?

Each month participants propose questions about any scientific topic of interest, one question is randomly selected and determines the discussion topic of the following meeting. In between the meetings, we all search for relevant articles and resources as well as for experts in the field to join us.

The idea is to promote informal scientific discussions between experts and curious people. To create an enjoyable way for people to discover  new topics and for experts to communicate their expertise.


How can you help?

We will be very grateful for you to join the Society to Science initiative and when possible share your knowledge and expertise! You can propose articles, answer specific questions, and, of course, join our meetings online or in person!

How to join?

Just send us an email to and introduce yourself or join our meetings directly on meetup.

Join the Society To Science initiative