The Scientific Literacy Tool 

lowering the barriers to scientific knowledge

About us

We are a social enterprise based in Cambridge, UK with a mission to make science more accessible, collaborative and inclusive. To better understand the different barriers and achieve our goal, we conduct various researches followed by the development of online and offline solutions. Our activities include:

  • Workshops and discussion groups

  • Talks at conferences and schools

  • Online and offline campaigns

  • Ongoing development of the Scientific Literacy Tool

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More about us

We are a small group of scientists and developers with a great passion for communicating our expertise and inciting new ideas. We are very grateful for the help and advice of experienced fellow scientists, entrepreneurs, web-developers, and designers who help us push this project forward. As we keep developing and improving the Scientific Literacy Tool, we are also very grateful for any feedback from the public.

How did the Scientific Literacy Tool start?

It all started with a passion for science communication and volunteering in various science and humanitarian projects involving people with different backgrounds, skills, and perspectives. Taking part in such activities, one soon realises that as a heterogenic group we can accomplish an impressive range of outstanding achievements.  These collaborative and inclusive activities bring people together around real life challenges –and when we are presented with a challenge, we all have our own particular way of processing and tackling it, bringing forward a variety of new ideas. Witnessing such amazing processes was a first and important milestone in understanding the importance of sharing and disseminating knowledge. From that moment on – we started to research and then develop solutions for a more accessible, collaborative and inclusive science!

Have a great day!

The Scientific Literacy Tool