How important is the choice of the nutrient profile model used to regulate broadcast advertising of foods to children? A comparison using a targeted data set – P Scarborough, C Payne, CG Agu, A Kaur, A Mizdrak, M Rayner, JCG Halford and E Boyland, EJCN (2013) 67, 815–820

The World Health Assembly recommends that children’s exposure to marketing of unhealthy foods should be reduced. Nutrient profile models have been developed that define ‘unhealthy’ to support regulation of broadcast advertising of foods to children. The level of agreement between these models is not clear. The objective of this study was to measure the agreement between eight nutrient profile models that have been proposed for the regulation of marketing to children over (a) how many and (b) what kind of foods should be permitted to be advertised during television viewed by children. Policy makers considering the regulation of broadcast advertising to children should carefully consider the choice of nutrient profile model to support the regulation, as this choice will have considerable influence on the outcome of the regulation.

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